Eagle Pride

Dear Finland Families,

At Finland Elementary, we take the time to teach and reinforce our Eagle Pride Expectations: Be Kind, Be Responsible, and Do Your Best. As part of this effort, any time a student is found meeting one of these expectations, they are given a pride slip. This slip is celebrated in the classroom and then turned in at the office. Each day, a handful of these students are celebrated on the morning announcements for the whole school to hear. These students even have the chance to be part of a weekly drawing in which several students get to choose a prize from the “Flynn Bin.”

We realize that it is just as important for these expectations to be reinforced at home as well as at school. It is without question that skills which are valued at both home and school will grow fastest and strongest. For that reason, we ask that you take the time to celebrate your students each time they are found meeting one of our Eagle Pride Expectations. This will help show them that you value the person they are becoming. You can then complete the attached pride slip for them to turn in at the Finland Elementary office for celebration at school, as well. It requires a partnership between school and home to have the greatest impact on our students. We appreciate all you do, and look forward to our continued teamwork in helping our students become the very best versions of themselves.


Finland Elementary PBIS Committee

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